AeroAVA Ltd displaying 500 drones at the Isle of Wight music festival in 2023

Award winning drone shows

Display your brand, messages and iconic images in the night sky using our multi award winning UK based drone show services

Who are AeroAVA Ltd?

We are award winning providers of high-quality aerial choreographed drone shows for outdoor events, broadcast entertainment, public celebrations, and marketing campaigns.

We use state of the art drone show technology that is class leading in every respect.

All of our drone shows include:

AeroAVA use class leading tech with the brightest LEDs and the most accurate precision

Class leading tech

Our show drones have class leading brightness and accuracy for the most detailed shows, visible to audiences over the greatest range.

AeroAVA can fly drone shows anywhere in the UK and even overseas if needed

Aviation permits

We hold class leading permissions which enable us to fly up to 1,000 drones at up to 600ft as standard anywhere in the UK and overseas.

AeroAVA have a full in house design and planning team to make your perfect show for you

Creative support

We have a dedicated in-house design and planning team that can offer as little or as much help as you need to create your perfect show.

AeroAVA are experienced drone show operators and have been flying drone swarms since 2019


We have over 30 years of combined experience both in creating drone shows (we flew our first swarm in 2019) but also in the events industry.

What makes our drone shows award winning?

We take class leading show drones that have the brightest display LED and the greatest positioning accuracy, and combine it with our creative passion and dedication to what we do.

We aim to create not only a safe drone show that takes off when you want it to, in the location you need, but one that has you and your audience captivated from start to finish.

Our drone shows are animated light paintings in the night sky, where we can show case your brand, message and more. We can create logos, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and then animate it all with lighting effects.

If 'a picture can paint a thousand words', then imagine how much you can say with a picture that is 100's of meters tall, reaching up and illuminating the night sky, and visible for miles around!

You are in safe hands with us!

AeroAVA can fly drone shows anywhere in the UK with our permit

UK based

We are here in the UK including all our equipment. This keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum and your costs as low as they can be.

AeroAVA can fly drone shows anywhere in the UK and even overseas if needed

Global reach

We have global partners with the same equipment, so we can produce shows around the world to the same standards while staying sustainable.

AeroAVA are fully UK CAA approved and have an advanced drone show permit

Full permits

We are UK Certified and CAA approved to fly up to 1,000 of our show drones at up to 600ft as standard with our full permits.

AeroAVA are fully insured for drone shows so you are in safe hands

Fully insured

Nobody can predict the unexpected, so although we have a great safety record, we still carry £10m public liability insurance just in case.

See some of our drone show examples

All the following examples feature only 100 drones to prove that even an entry level show is still capable of containing stunning content.

Ask us about our approved drone show sites where we can rehearse or even host your event

If you're struggling for a location for your drone show then we can help.

As well as our regular sites, we are also an accredited supplier for English Heritage, which brings connections to some of the UK's most amazing stately homes and grounds.

AeroAVA are accredited suppliers for English Heritage